nettoyage graffiti


Graffiti is back in Quebec. There are many ways to avoid it. Before removing graffiti, our company will give you judicious advice to avoid a recurrence. We have served many cities and building managers in the past. We care about our customers and we are always on the lookout to make sure that our customers spend as little money as possible on this scourge. Aquableu is more about prevention, contact us for the valuable advice we can give you. Here is a very good advice: it is essential to remove a graffiti on your property as soon as possible to discourage other graffiti artists. We offer a very fast service to remove the sometimes hateful and unpleasant graffiti. We have the necessary liability insurance.

If your wall was previously painted, you can remove the graffiti with another coat of paint. For masonry, aluminum or vinyl walls, the solution is a high-pressure cleaning. The technique is to apply chemicals on the coating to be cleaned that weaken the paint of the graffiti and then clean with high pressure hot water. Aquableu expert in pressure cleaning always evaluates the state of the damage before starting the work, because pressure cleaning can damage the surface more than the graffiti, indeed the water can open small cracks where the water repellent product have evolved a lot in the last 10 years, several products are on the market are excellent for different surfaces. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field. Contact us for a quote.


Aquableu offers building managers the possibility of different packages for the maintenance of their building, shopping center, condos, etc.

In these packages, we find: interior and exterior window cleaning, sidewalk degumming, exterior building washing, parking lot cleaning and more.

Contact us to find out about our washing services for your buildings, condos, shopping centers, etc.

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